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The mission of Youra Addict is to promote cultural and political reform regarding how drug related problems are addressed, particularly opiates. Background: The evidence, supported even by our federal government, is overwhelming that addictions to substances reflect a chronic relapsing brain disease. In the case of addictions to pain pills or illicit opiates the evidence is clear that medical help is indicated along with behavioral support to help assure the best outcomes. When buying pain pills or heroin on the street is cheaper and easier than obtaining proper medical help, we consider this a result of inept policy and financial priorities.

Furthermore, our American beliefs support further regulatory and law enforcement efforts as the best answer. Recently it was our United States Attorney General who spoke out about the epidemic of overdoses and pain pill abuse. He is the figurative head of law enforcement. Why is he talking about it? Why isn't it the Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or another Public Health Agency the spokes person? This is a Public Health crisis, even the Attorney General acknowledges this.

The United States is not even a 100 years out an experiment with prohibition. We also declared a war on drugs and put many drug dealers, addicts, and simple abusers in jails at serious cost and loss of human potential. As a result of these efforts we now have a higher percentage of people in jail than any "civilized" country and yet the drug problems and overdoses continue. With regard to opiates they are worse! Yet, we continue to believe it is law enforcement that needs to provide the answers. Let us agree with our Attorney General that the problem is a major if not the primary Public Health problem in our country and address it as a Public Health Problem rather than primarily a criminal or moral deficit.

As a result of the above, common sense, and a compassion for all those suffering from addictions, along with their families, friends, and communities we intend for this website to further social activism which can help overhaul our current system's approach to drug abuse, particularly abuse of pain pills and illicit opiates.

Our Creed includes the following:
1. We believe that chemical addictions are brain diseases. The notion that "Just Saying No" as an answer to a serious disease process is naive and absurd.
2. We believe that punishment and shame have limited long term benefits when dealing with addictions as well as other mental diseases. Most effective care involves keeping the focus on the changes required for healing and long term well being, rather than on ongoing suffering, punishment, or shame.
3. We believe that proven effective treatment should be widely available and readily accessible for all who request it. We believe providing effective treatment to carriers of a disease is a known effective means of curbing an epidemic.
4. We believe in the need for a robust and well funded Public Health initiative to prevent and treat addictive diseases.
5. We believe that law enforcement should have a secondary role in addressing drug abuse and should only be utilized when standard Public Health responses are inadequate. Addictive substances or drugs of abuse should be controlled similarly to any prescription drug.
6. We believe that basing our response to addictions on the evidence related to outcomes is preferable to that of opinions or puritanical beliefs about punishment, suffering, or having to hit bottoms.
7. We believe that governmental agencies and laws should not attempt to determine what constitutes the specific nature of professional and appropriate medical care whether it relates to substances of abuse or not.
8. We believe there is no good evidence to justify the governing of the prescribing or distribution of substances of abuse. We believe until proven otherwise, that their prescribing and distribution should be overseen similar to other often quite dangerous prescription medications. When prescribers are unethical or unprofessional, sanctions and means of discipline are already present in each state.
9. We believe for licensed physicians to have the fear of regulators to be a primary determinant of what medical care to provide their patient is counter productive to the health and safety of our communities. Ethically, physicians are suppose to put the interest of their patient foremost while not unduly compromising the health of their communities.
10. We believe that changes in our approach to drug abuse will unlikely occur from the top down. Rather we believe will be like the changes that occurred with segregation in the south where courageous individuals voiced their dismay over current laws and struggled to have the laws and associated policies and attitudes changed.
11. We believe fear and ignorance eventually succomb to the power of truth, justice, and compassion.

We hope to promote changes in our system by:
1. Bringing together interested parties and by promoting political/social activism consistent with our beliefs.
2. Providing addicts along with their family, friends, and communities the information and references that might empower them to express with authority and effectiveness the need for changes consistent with our beliefs.
3. Develop the financial means to coordinate and assist any individual, group, society, or organization that share our beliefs and are willing to work with us to attain common goals.



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