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The Youra SMART surveillance system incorporates 24/7 monitoring, state-of-the-art analytics, and remote telemetry built on a wireless network for instant communication with smart phones. Surveillance - the act of carefully watching someone or something to prevent or detect a crime.

Monitoring - observe and check the surveillance process to keep it under systematic review

Analytics - the discovery of meaningful patters in video images for collection and matching to predetermined criterial for programmed decision making.

Remote Telemetry - highly automated communications process to compile date and measurements at remote locations and transmit to receiving equipment for monitoring.

Youra Bot sells and leases SMART Bots for commercial surveillance, monitoring, analytics, and remote telemetry. You are welcome to buy one unit or 100 units. You can mount the units yourself, benefit from out advice and counsel to help you mount your units or permit us to send one installer or a team of installers. Units can be hardwired into your onsite electrical system, connected to batteries or solar power stations for transmissions from remote locations.

We sell mobile units delivered by freight or trailer. An option is to order your SMART Bot attached to a trailer for easy mobility on your property to determine best locations for best results for your needs.

Please call us to discuss your business or organization's specific needs. SMART Bots are adaptable for easy customization for your location. Our design engineers and expert sales people can answer your questions and come with the perfect configuration to solve your surveillance requirements.



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